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Inspired by her childhood in Mexico, Carolina Hernandez was destined to become a designer with a purpose. After watching her Mother and Grandmothers sew and create garments, Carolina was fascinated by the process and decided to join in the family tradition, which led her to Los Angeles, California with the desire to attend fashion design school.  


In 2014, Carolina earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of California San Diego where she received a scholarship during the 6th annual fashion show competition attaining the most creative award. Because of her diverse background, Carolina decided to incorporate her military experiences with her first passion, design. In her masterpieces you will see vibrant colors, various textures, unique hand sewn embellishments, and the incorporation of fabric manipulation techniques that she describes as wearable art.


Considering the American dream often requires patience, hard work, dedication and team work, Carolina devotes some of her time serving the community collaborating with veteran non-profit organizations. She participated in The Women Veterans Leadership Program with The Mission Continues amongst women leaders nationwide where she received a personalized letter from The Duke of Sussex for her commitment to this country.


She is the CEO and founder of “Veteran Couture” fashion brand and her designs have been published in local and international fashion magazines. She has been featured in interviews for Univision, Estrella TV, CBS News, Pen Fed foundation and The Kelly Clarkson Show.  


Currently, she continues developing new fashion designs and serves a member of Alianza Mujeres, an international women organization, empowering Latina women business owners.  

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